Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Turn Your Facebook Viewers Into Your Customers

If we are talking about market penetration, we can say that Facebook is at the forefront of it. After all, you can be sure that billions of people around the world have an account in this social media giant. This does sound like fertile grounds for marketers to tap for their lead generation and appointment setting work. It can be tantalizing to see all those sales leads ripe for the picking. That is, of course, if you know how to pick them. Converting Facebook visitors into B2B leads or paying customers is a challenge for many firms. So where will you start?

  1. Create content that can be shared – Facebook fans is all about sharing, be it news or photos. As a business trying to get some market traction, creating posts and news that can be shared increases its presence in the social media world. 
  2. Turn fans into sales leads – once you have engaged viewers and turned them into fans, you can then proceed to have them click on a link going to your business page, or sign up to an opt-in. You can then send them an email or have a telemarketing team call them. 
  3. Introduce sales opportunities through your communication mediums – emails and telemarketers play an important part here, since this is where the ‘sales’ part of your lead generation campaign comes in. So you have to work with the best people in the business.

Follow these steps and your business will be able to cash in on the market reach of Facebook. This is a great avenue for you in generating sales leads.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

How Direct Marketing Strategies Such As Telemarketing Can Help Your Business

With each marketing campaign that your company does, your sales and marketing people are often looking for the best lead generation strategy to reach out to the most number of qualified business leads they can find. There are a lot of options they can choose from today, what with so many online and offline marketing tools to choose from. Aside from the ever popular email marketing methods, they can also utilize videos, podcasts, and the ever popular pictures to share awareness of your brand.

Raising consumer awareness about your brand can be better achieved by investing in traditional direct marketing methods such as the highly effective b2b telemarketing campaigns. What’s more, a direct marketing method can easily work in conjunction with your existing online or offline marketing strategies. If you prefer using billboards, streamers and other printed advertising materials, you can have these working to generate qualified b2b leads for you alongside your professional b2b appointment setters and telemarketers. Your b2b telemarketers can also follow up on your email newsletters to identify which b2b sales leads are ready to be converted.

The benefit of using direct marketing strategies for your campaigns is that your marketing team will be able to connect with qualified sales leads right at the beginning. This proactive approach allows for a faster sales process compared to the reactive methods required by content marketing and advertising. You wouldn’t need to wait for your b2b sales leads to find you, like the traditional method, it is you who will seek them out.