Thursday, March 21, 2013

How To Make Telecommuting Work In Generating Sales Leads

After that announcement of Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, telling all its employees that telecommuting is no longer allowed in the company, there has been a flurry of discussion about its merits and demerits in various avenues. For weeks, that seems to be the only topic with value. Of course, such news can have some ramifications on other business processes, like in lead generation. While there are valid reasons why telecommuting is bad for generating B2B leads, a properly arranged telecommuting team can be even more profitable. There are plenty of factors that you need to consider here, but the most important one is this: the business owner himself.

 For any major business strategy to succeed, the business owner will have to bear a big responsibility for it. The company culture, the business practices, as well as the people hired, all these will fall squarely in the lap of the business owner. Appointment setting, especially those employing telemarketing methods, can work well via telecommuting if you know how to manage it. As the business owner, you have to believe that this will work. Having doubts in your mind can be very damaging to your confidence, keeping you from fully exploring the potentials of telecommuting for your business. You should have more confidence in yourself and in your business processes. That is crucial in terms of getting more sales leads.

 Of course, telecommuting aside, you can also employ outsourced lead generation companies. These firms are a good bet if you want to reduce the costs of generating B2B leads.