Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One Simple Tip To Lead Your Business To Success

You know the best way to keep your highest converting sales representative, your best b2b telemarketer, and even your best lead generation team. But why are you not doing it? Yes, I’m talking about their salary.

Here’s the thing, when you pay your employees enough money to keep them from constantly thinking about how to put food on the table, how to pay the rent, how to pay their health bills, and still have a little leftover for their savings, you’re not only helping them, you’re helping yourself. When your sales and marketing team are not troubled by other things, they can concentrate their efforts on finding good b2b sales leads for your business, getting you qualified business appointments, and making sure those business leads are actually converted into profits.

If you choose to be cheap with your employees, then your business will suffer. Hiring cheap employees will give you substandard results. Yes, you can still hire skillful people, but they will sooner than later leave you for more generous pastures. Why not pay your overachieving employees what they deserve? Even if it means going past the standard salary benchmarks, the important thing is that you keep the people who will help bring your company to success.

Take for example call centers. While some merely end up as stepping stones for their employees, the better and more reliable telemarketing companies have professional b2b telemarketers who have 10+ years of tenure, and these are the most productive employees to boot. Why is this? Because they are happy with their work and they are generously being paid. Unless you start doing the same in your company, you might just end up seeing your best employees leave.